Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pinterest My Decorating Dreams….Bathroom by The Tile Shop

As I was scanning through Pinterest I came across this lovely photo that was taken from the Tile Shop website.  I was looking at it thinking about how much work my bathroom needs.  As my realtor daughter would say "it is dated".  Yes it is dated and much worse.  The floors are old and my sad attempt at trying to paint the old flooring is a painful reminder that I do not have decorating skills.  I have an old built in shower and tub combo.There are a few upgrades I could make though that I don't think would cost tons if money.  My goal in the future would be to keep the insert but add new fixtures.  I would change out the vanity and the mirror and get new lighting.  I would also have to splurge for new flooring and window treatments.  I think I can do that, hopefully in the near future.
The photo….
What I like about it…
The mirror, although I don't think I would want the lighting housed in the mirror. I would put the lighting above.
Love the vanity and sink.  Also the dark fixtures.  Flooring is nice too…
The search for items..

Ok. That is what I would like to have bought on amazon. Here is what is actually in my budget…. Happy Pinning! Kathiey:-)

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