Friday, July 3, 2015

Magazine Madness....Buying a New Bathing Suit and a Few Thoughts from RedBook Magazine....

I am off to the beach in a couple of weeks so my mind has been on bathing suits.  Yes I need a new one but hate to try them on.  In that regard I know I am not alone.

I was reading about "body confidence in my Redbook Magazine July 2015 issue.  Here are a few things they had to say....
This is how you feel before you get into a swimsuit:
56% ACK!! I don't feel confident.
40% Hooray! I'm going to the beach!
4%Yay!  I get to show my figure off.

So where do I fit in that mix.  No I don't feel overly confident but I really don't care all that much.
Yes, hooray I do get to go to the beach.  As far as showing my body off .  Definitely not the focus of  my beach trip:-)

I decided to look for bathing suits on Amazon because I get free shipping on most of their items.
I really like this one.  
I like the high neck line and the sportiness of this suit

You must have a hat in the summer sun...I thought this one was kinda cute..

I would love to get them all but I must consider my budget.....Tough decision.
I choose the cute one with the skirt and I also ordered the hat.
I already have a cover that is somewhat similar.
Let me know which one you would choose.
If you are interested in learning more about each item just click the lavender link.

One more quote from rebook in regard to body confidence
"Like a fine wine 30% of women say they've learned to love their bodies even more over time."
I agree Redbook.  My body still works so I am happy:-)
And in regard to fine wine.  I will be enjoying much on my vacation fine or otherwise.
Enjoy Your Summer

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